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"Why do I have numbness in my toe?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have numbness in my toe?


My right big toe, on the right half of it is suddenly numb all the time. No problems with other toes or my feet. Is this serious?


I recommend that you discuss these issues with your primary care physician, who can take a thorough history and perform a physical exam to decide how to proceed next. In general, loss of sensation is typically associated with some kind of damage to the nerves that supply sensation to all parts of the body. Your physician will likely want to know if you have had any kind of trauma to your foot, ankle, or knee recently, as a crush or pinch injury to the nerve can cause loss of sensation. In addition, ill-fitting footwear can also cause these kinds of sensory losses. In addition to outright injury to the nerves, it is also possible for diseases like diabetes to lead to neuropathy, or loss of function of the nerve fibers. In particular, diabetic changes often show up first in the feet. Your physician will likely want to do some basic blood work to make sure that you are not developing diabetes. Depending upon the results of your evaluation, your physician may want to refer you for further testing of the function of the nerves in your feet.

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