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Can the Mirena cause serious side effects?

I have had the Mirena over a year. My periods are sparatic sometimes I skip them other times they are heavier than I have ever experienced but the issue I have is major cramps. I never had cramping during my period however after getting the Mirena I started having cramps that would last for days sometimes weeks and the pain was so intense I would double over in tears. Midol, tylenol, Advil .... nothing stopped this pain. It doesnt happen monthly. I went 4 months without any cramps and then suddenly they started again. They only thing I can figure it would be is an issue with the IUD. The crams started about 1 month after in was put in. Is this a known or common issue? Should I have it removed?


I would recommend that you see your OB/GYN or whoever placed the mirena device. While most people have no trouble with the device, there can be some complications. Your issue sounds as if it is troublesome -- therefore require evaluation. A Mirena device is an intrauterine device which is loaded with progesterone -- a female hormone that is slowly relased over the 10 year lifespan of the device and therefore works to inhibit a pregnancy. Most people will subsequently have a lighthening of there periods and potentially even stopping of having periods. Irregular bleeding can also happen, but this should have resolved by a year. There are some rare but real complications to consider. Firstly the device can be a source of infection. Pelvic inflammatory disease is a real and serious complication that should be ruled out. The device can also move -- which can therefore cause problems. Rarely, it can puncture through the uterus -- again a major problem. There are also rare cases of an ectopic pregnancy -- a pregnancy where the fetus is located not in the uterus but in another spot -- again a problem. Your situation is worrisome. Talk to your OB/GYN -- he or she can help evaluate and potentially treat this. Good luck!

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