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"Can I have tests done on my brain?"


I just have this paranoia about brain stuff. Like tumors and aneurysm and things like that. Can I have tests ordered on my brain even if I don't have any symptoms or health issues?


Many of us do have some fear about developing a serious medical illness, so it is not unusual to have some concern in this area. You should meet with your primary care doctor to discuss the issue and have your mind set at ease. Typically speaking, tests for brain tumors and the like are not done unless there are symptoms.

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This is because the kinds of tests that are done, including MRIs of the head and techniques to look at the anatomy of the arteries and veins in the brain, are very expensive. They would not be covered by insurance if you did not have symptoms. However, what you can do is have a thorough physical examination by your doctor. Brain problems generally have symptoms. Some of these are subjective like headache or dizziness. However, many of them are objective - problems with how your nerves work, trouble with balance or coordination, etc. Your doctor can screen you for these problems during the physical examination. In fact, these screens are always part of an annual physical check up. If these examinations are normal, then you can be relatively assured that there is nothing serious going on! And, of course, you can return each year to your doctor for another complete check up.

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