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"Is holding a sneeze in dangerous?"

ZocdocAnswersIs holding a sneeze in dangerous?


I always hold my sneezes in, ever since I was a kid (20 years old now). Is this dangerous? My friend said its bad for your sinuses and your head. Is this true?


On behalf of the rest of the world, thank you for trying to avoid sharing your sneezes with us! That being said, there are times when it would be important not to cover or hold in your sneezes. When people have chronic and significant bloody noses, for example, one of the things that we tell them to avoid is covering their sneezes too tightly, blowing their nose at all, or anything like either of these that would raise the pressure inside your nose. For some people, even that little change can be enough to start another nose bleed. For the rest of the people in the world, something as small as covering a sneeze is not likely to result in any medical issue that is worth worrying about. As always, questions like this should be directed at your primary care doctor for more specific information about how it affects you. An ear, nose, and throat surgeon, who is also known as an ENT or otolaryngologist, would be the specialist most likely to help answer that question.

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