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"Do strokes affect young people too?"

ZocdocAnswersDo strokes affect young people too?


I blacked out when I was hanging out with my friends last weekend. I had drank a little, but nothing major and then I just passed out on my feet. Could this have been a stroke? I'm only 25.


This is does not sound like a stroke (although anything is possible). It would be very, very unlikely that this is a stroke. This however, does sound like something that may need to be evaluated. I would recommend discussing this with your primary care doctor. To answer your question -- YES -- strokes can happen in young people. They are however extremely rare. Often they occur in someone who has another rare condition like a blood thickening disorder. Rarely, young healthy women can get it from birth control pills. Overall though this would be unusual. That being said, what you had does not sound like a stroke. A stroke happens when someone (classically) has an arm or leg that is weak or numb or a droop in one side of there face or trouble speaking. It would be very rare to have a stroke that makes you pass out. What this may be is syncope -- or a transient loss of consciousness caused by a decrease in blood pressure. This can be caused by dehydration or heart problems. If you are drinking this predisposes you to both. There are many causes of syncope -- some dangerous and some not dangerous at all. However this should be evaluated. Talk to your doctor.

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