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"Why did my neck start twitching all of the sudden?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy did my neck start twitching all of the sudden?


When I wake up in the morning, my neck is really twitchy. Like in the back where it hits my head. What is this a sign of? Am I just sleeping funny?


Sometimes when muscles become fatigued or strained the can twitch like this. This is not usually a big deal, and as you are suggesting the most common reason would be simply that you 'slept funny' on that muscle area. I would give this some time and I would expect it to go away on its own. You could try gently stretching the area or massaging it to see if that helps relax the muscle. You should certainly see your primary care doctor if the twitching continues to go on without relief, or if you develop more painful spasms or difficulty bending or turning your next, as these might be signs that the strain is more serious and might need additional treatment. In the future, you may be able to prevent these sorts of things from happening by making sure to sleep with good posture. In particular, if you use too many pillows while sleeping, this tends to over extend the neck and may lead to strain on the muscles in the neck and in the upper back. The best sleeping posture is to sleep on your side with just a single pillow under your head. Again, please talk to your doctor for more information!

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