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"How can I fix my shoulder if it keeps popping out of socket?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I fix my shoulder if it keeps popping out of socket?


This has been happening since I was a teenager and I'm 24 now. I dislocated my should when I was 16 and now it will randomly pop out of socket if my arm is at the wrong angle, like in bed or exercising. Is there anything I can do to help with this?


I would recommend seeing an orthopedic surgeon -- a doctor who specializes in the bones and joints. This is a concerning symptom. Fortunately, there is likely a fix. The shoulder is actually a very complicated joint. Much like the hip -- it must bear significant weight however also must be very mobile. The shoulder moves in many different directions (has a high degree of freedom) compare with other joints like the wrist that just flex/extend. As such, the body has designed a fairly complicated system to hold the joint in place, namely a series of ligaments. Unfortunately, in some people these ligaments do not develop correctly or are damaged. In these cases, the body cannot sustain the weight of the joint and therefore it jumps out of place. Based on how it is coming out of place, your doctor can often determine which ligament is not working. There are a number of ways to fix this. One is surgery to replace the broken or malformed ligament. Another is simply to put it in a brace and allow for other muscles to strengthen and hold it in place. A thorough evaluation by a surgeon can help determine the best option.

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