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"Is it okay to take my mom's medicine?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it okay to take my mom's medicine?


My mom has a script for hydrocodone for her back. I hurt my hamstring playing hoops. Can I take some of her pain pills for the soreness in my leg?


I would definitely NOT recommend taking any prescription medication that was not prescribed specifically to you. There are many reasons for this. Prescription medications have very specific uses, and if you are not familiar with all of them, you could be using it incorrectly. Also different medications within the same "class" or "family" that can be used for similar illnesses or reasons, can have very different side effect profiles. Thus if you are taking a medication that was not given specifically to you, you not only may be taking it for the wrong reason, you may be causing harm to yourself without knowing it. Also you are doing this without the examination and recommendations of a physician, so you are not going to receive the counseling from that physician about expected treatment course, dosage, route, and length of treatment, as well as expected side effects and potential rare but dangerous side effects. Also you may be taking a medication that could potentially be habit forming and can have harmful effects if stopped abruptly (i.e. withdrawal). In this particular case, if you happened to take a drug test it would be positive for narcotics and without a prescription you could be in legal trouble. Also it is not advisable to drive while on narcotics and could cause serious problems. If your hamstring is still bothering you, I would recommend making an appointment with your primary care physician, or a sports medicine specialist. I wish you all the best.

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