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"What is this sharp pain in my abdomen?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this sharp pain in my abdomen?


I'm 29 years old and male. I have a sharp pain in my abdomen on the left side and the pain radiates out from there. Doesn't feel like its in my stomach, but in the muscle. What's going on?


There are multiple possibilities here. If you have recently been working out, running, lifting heavy objects, or otherwise engaging in heavy physical activity, then the most likely possibility is that you have strained an abdominal muscle. If the pain is worse when you tense the abdominal muscles or when you press on the muscle lightly, then this is more likely. Usually this type of pain will get better if you rest and refrain from physical activity for a little while. There are more serious types of abdominal pain that require more immediate medical evaluation. These would include the pain caused by appendicitis. If you have any nausea, vomiting, or fever, or if the pain is very severe or worsening in intensity, then these are more worrisome signs and you should seek immediate medical attention. Your primary care doctor or an emergency room doctor (if the pain is severe or if there are other symptoms such as those I mentioned) will be able to perform a physical examination and determine whether this abdominal pain requires further evaluation. Typical evaluation of severe abdominal pain would include laboratory blood tests as well as some radiology studies, such as an x-ray or a CT scan.

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