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"What are the little bumps on my legs?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the little bumps on my legs?


I have these little bumps, some are red on my legs. I'm 24 years old and female. My doc said its from shaving my legs too much, but I think its something else. Should I ask another doc or is this just a normal thing from shaving?


I think I have a clear picture of what you are describing; you are talking about the large pore like structures and bumps which are probably most prominently on your lower legs. Some of these bumps may be more red and raised in appearance while others may look more pore-like. If this is what you are describing, then the name for this is follicular prominence. It is a very common skin finding, and it is probably at least partially related to shaving. This is because shaving may irritate and dry out the skin, leading to relative shrinking of the skin tissue between the hair follicles (making the hair follicles stand out; hence, follicular prominence). However, there are a lot of other reasons to have dry skin other than shaving, such as eczema. Nevertheless, one treatment that may help you a lot is to start regularly moisturizing your legs with a good, thick, greasy moisturizing product. Whether the dryness and skin damage is from shaving or from eczema, this should help. You also may try to space out how often you shave or using a different, higher quality shaving cream product. If you find this approach doesn't work, then you should talk to a dermatologist for more information.

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