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"Why is my mouth so ?watery? all the time?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my mouth so ?watery? all the time?


I just feel like I have too much saliva. I always have a watery mouth. What could be behind this?


Sorry to hear that you feel like you constantly have too much saliva in your mouth. This is an interesting question, and not necessarily one that we encounter frequently in the ENT (Ears Nose Throat) office. On the contrary, most people that have complaints about saliva indicate that there is not enough and they have dry mouth. I'm sure that you are already aware that there are many different saliva glands: the paired parotid glands are the largest within your cheeks in front of your ears. There are also paired submandibular glands underneath your mandible (jaw bone) which are the second largest. The third set are the sublingual salivary glands under your tongue. Lastly there are hundreds of minor salivary glands all throughout your oropharynx that contribute. In patients that don't create enough saliva, we encourage them to hydrate more (with water). In your case, this may be an indication that you are well hydrated. There are other certain foods/substances that can increase salivation (called sialogogues) which may be contributing. For instance if you like sour candy, or sour foods (like lemon juice), this might be increasing salivation and making you feel as though you have excess saliva. Perhaps it could be a side effect of a medication that you may be taking. Also, it is normal to make quite a bit of saliva every day, so when patients have swallowing problems they experience "excess" saliva, when in fact the amount hasn't changed, just their ability to swallow it. I would recommend making an appointment to be seen by an ENT where they can examine you, and take a thorough history to help determine what might be going on. I hope that this information is helpful, and I wish you all the best.

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