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"Does the size of your nose have anything to do with how you breathe?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes the size of your nose have anything to do with how you breathe?


Kind of have a big nose, runs in the fam! Does this affect my breathing at all? I feel like i'm kind of congested year round. Is my big nose the problem? Am I breathing in too much?


Absolutely not! The size of your nose if, of course, partly genetic, but it doesn't have anything to do with your breathing or with nasal congestion. Therefore, you need to look for other possible causes of nasal congestion. By far the most common cause of year round congestion would be nasal allergies, also known as allergic rhinitis. Often people with nasal allergies may also have eye allergies, but not always. Your primary care doctor will be able to do an quick exam and determine whether allergies are a possibility. If so, there are many effective medications you can take including non sedating anti histamines like Claritin (loratidine) or Zyrtec (cetirizine) and nasal steroid sprays like fluticasone (Flonase) and mometasone (Nasonex). In addition to nasal allergies another potential problem would be a deviated septum. This can cause nasal stuffiness as well as snoring at night. It is more common in people who have had some nasal trauma, such as a broken nose. If your doctor finds a deviated septum, they may refer you to an ENT specialist to think about surgically fixing it. Regardless, as you can see, the first step is seeing your primary care doctor! This is a fixable problem, and you shouldn't just keep putting up with it.

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