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"Did I have a seizure?"

ZocdocAnswersDid I have a seizure?


I fainted at my friends house because I hadn't been eating and was out in the sun too much that day. My friend said when I was coming to I was twitching and shaking. Did I have a seizure or was this just my body waking up?


Being able to tell whether or not someone had a seizure, or just lost consciousness for another reason is a very difficult thing to do. In fact, we as physicians sometimes never find out for sure what happened. With that said, I think I can shed some light on your situation. Being out in the hot sun without eating can definitely cause you to faint. This is especially true if you got dehydrated. When you faint for these reasons, sometimes you twitch a little bit when awakening which can be mistaken for a seizure. People that have seizures have a little bit different story than yours. First, if you bit your tongue, urinated yourself, or were difficult to arouse for some time, then a seizure would be more likely. I think given your story, this is probably not what happened. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. You can tell you story to him or her. Unless this type of thing has happened repeatedly, you will probably require no testing for this one time event. If it happens again, or if you have an episode that has features that are more like the description of a seizure, then you will need referral to a neurologist for further testing.

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