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"Is there any way to recover hearing once it is lost?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any way to recover hearing once it is lost?


In my forties now and played in a lot of bands in my younger years that did some damage to my hearing. Is there any way to aid your ears in recovering? Can your ability to hear improve through any sort of therapy?


Hearing loss can be very frustrating as so many of our daily activities are influenced by what we can hear. If you have concerns about hearing loss and feel that your hearing is either getting worse or is keeping you from your regular daily activities, your primary care physician can be a wonderful resource. He or she can take a detailed history of your exposure to noise as well as any current limitations. More importantly, your physician can make a referral to an audiologist for more detailed evaluation of your hearing. Unfortunately, hearing loss caused by exposure to loud music earlier in life is typically not reversible. However, a thorough audiology exam can identify exactly which parts of your hearing are affected in both right and left ear. While there is no therapy to aid with hearing loss, there are a wide range of devices that can be used to augment hearing deficits. Depending upon the type of hearing loss you may have, some of these devices can even be implanted inside the ear. Determining what (if any) sort of hearing aids may help with your particular hearing loss starts with an audiology evaluation and then further consultation with an audiologist or possibly a referral to an ear, nose, and throat physician.

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