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"What kinds of abdominal bleeding are there?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat kinds of abdominal bleeding are there?


What kinds of abdominal bleeding can occur when someone has been in car accident? mother was in car accident and they had to do emergency surgery, why?


I am very sorry to hear that your mother was in such a bad car accident. I hope she recovers and continues to do well. Car accidents often result in abdominal trauma, usually from extreme pressure being exerted on the stomach (commonly, for example, this is from the steering wheel). This pressure can translate into damage to many of the internal organs. Two common causes of bleeding after abdominal trauma that would require emergency surgery include bruising or laceration of the spleen or a laceration of the liver. However, other organs can also be damaged, and other blood vessels in the abdomen may be torn and require urgent repair as well. Following this kind of emergency surgery, your mother will probably be in the surgical intensive care unit for a while. Here, the doctors will watch her closely to make sure her condition stabilizes and that she does not continue to bleed, and that no evidence of damage to other organs emerges. If you have questions about her care while she is in the hospital or about what kind of emergency surgery she required, you should talk to the team of surgeons caring for her, as they will be able to give you more specific details.

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