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"Can hemophilia cause arthritis symptoms?"

ZocdocAnswersCan hemophilia cause arthritis symptoms?


My grandson has been diagnosed since 3 its arthritis now 14 saying hemopilia. Is that what it was all this time?


I cannot say whether or not all of your grandson's arthritis symptoms have always been from hemophilia, because it is possible that he had more than one condition. However, what I can say is that hemophilia is definitely associated with arthritis symptoms over time. Hemophilia causes arthritis symptoms because the trouble with blood clotting that comes with the disease leads to bleeding from time to time into the joints. This bleeding can lead to scarring and degenerative changes in the joint space, causing chronic stiffness and pain. The best way to prevent arthritis from hemophilia is to treat the hemophilia well with replacement of the necessary clotting factors, which will prevent bleeding. Your grandson will need to be managed closely by a pediatric hematologist, who is an expert in treating clotting disorders like hemophilia. They will come up with a plan to control his tendency to bleed. At the same time, if your grandson has significant arthritis symptoms, he probably should also continue to see a pediatric rheumatologist, or joint specialist. They will be able to help manage any symptoms of arthritis from hemophilia; as well, they will be able to evaluate and rule out any other potential causes of arthritis.

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