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"What should I do for a very heavy menstrual cycle?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do for a very heavy menstrual cycle?


i have had a heavier then nomal period with bood clots the size of fifty cent pieces and cramping what sould i do


If you continue to pass large clots of blood or if you are soaking through pads quickly, you should go to see your doctor, especially if you feel weak or dizzy, as these may be signs of excessive blood loss. Occasionally, menstrual flow can be so severe that it requires medical treatment because of this risk of blood loss. On the other hand, if you feel ok and if things are settling down, then there is no need to go see your doctor urgently. However, you should think a bit about why you had such an unusually heavy period. One possibility would be that you were actually early on in a pregnancy and just had a miscarriage. Another possibility would be that you have been having some menstrual irregularity; when the periods are irregular, it is more likely for them to be heavy when they do come. Finally, it could be that you have something, such as a uterine fibroid, which is changing the anatomy of your uterus and predisposing you to bleeding. Your doctor will be able to help you investigate these various possibilities at your next visit. If you continue to have heavy periods you should get in to see your doctor sooner.

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