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"Does the color of your urine indicate anything?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes the color of your urine indicate anything?


My urine used to look like water but latelyy it is a very very dark color. What do I do.


It is great that you are paying attention to differences in your urine and you are correct that the color can indicate differences in your body. You should see your primary care physician about this issue so that your urine can be examined and your doctor can determine if further treatment or evaluation is required. The most common cause of dark urine, is an increase in urine concentration. This is usually a sign of dehydration or inadequate fluid intake. If this is the case, urine examination will show a high specific gravity. If you have no other contraindications, you should ensure that you are drinking appropriately throughout the day so that you get an adequate amount of water intake during the day. Another cause of dark urine is blood in the urine. Urine testing will be positive for blood or red blood cells. There are various causes of blood in the urine, including renal and bleeding disorders, that should be evaluated by your physician. Muscle breakdown of differing etiologies can also cause darkening of the urine. Since there are different possible etiologies to your dark urine, some benign and some that may require further workup and management, you should follow up with your primary care physician for urinanalysis. Ensuring adequate fluid intake is also important.

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