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"Can you feel internal bleeding?"

ZocdocAnswersCan you feel internal bleeding?


I fell off my bike yesterday and now my torso and hip are very sore. I fell hard. Could I have internal bleeding? Would there be any physical signs if this was happening?


Internal bleeding is by definition bleeding that you can't see, and may only have subtle symptoms. This is why it is often not apparent to physicians whether there is internal bleeding after someone has injured themselves. Internal bleeding that is small is often not found and resolves on its own without surgery or other intervention. Sometimes small amounts of internal bleeding are picked up on an ultrasound or CAT scan after an injury. Whether or not anything is done about it depends on its severity and location. Obviously the biggest worry if you thing you may have internal bleeding is blood loss. If someone loses several pints of blood in their thigh or abdomen, then this can cause a serious threat to your health. You would feel faint, you may have heart palpitations, you may look pail, or you may just feel very fatigued. If you have any of those signs, you should go to the emergency room right away by ambulance. Even if you are just sore, you should still be checked out by a physician. You should call your primary care physician's office today to find out if you can be seen. He or she may ask you a serious of questions over the phone to find out how severe this fall was. Good luck.

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