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"Why would my doctor have me get the HPV shot if I do not have a std?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy would my doctor have me get the HPV shot if I do not have a std?


i had my pap smear done today and she said i have calcium deposites..i have the mirena...and becuz ive had a abnormal pap result in the past she wanted me on it..but i wasnt sure if its becuz she thinks i have a std or what..?


First of all, part of your question is a bit unclear. Your saying that after a pap smear done by your doctor you've had calcium deposits (from your cervix) is confusing. I think your doctor might have referred to a mammogram that have detected calcification, a deposit of the mineral calcium in your breast tissue. Anyway, this is a separate issue that is irrelevant to your question. A pap smear allows your doctor to look at the cells from your cervix to see if there is any abnormality (pre-cancerous or cancerous cells that predispose you to cervical cancer). An abnormality pap smear means that your cervix cells have undergone slightly abnormal changes that further evaluation and treatment may be needed. When caught early, you are most likely to survive the disease (cervical dysplasia) as the cells are still in precancerous stages, and there are treatments for these precancerous cells before they develop into the deadly cervical cancer. One of the most common causes of abnormal pap smears is HPV, a sexually transmitted viral disease that has been found to infect more than 80% of women diagnosed with cervical dysplasia. Therefore, with your history of an abnormal pap smear result possibly detecting cervical atypia (atypical cells) and perhaps cervical dysplasia, it is likely the reason that your doctor have ordered a HPV vaccination to prevent the HPV virus from infecting you and predisposing you to further cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer. Current preventive vaccines protect against the two HPV types (16 and 18) that cause about 70% of cervical cancers worldwide. I hope you find the information helpful. I would recommend a consultation with a gynecologist for further information about your case.

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