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I guess I just hadn't noticed before, but I was looking in the mirror without my glasses on and they look like they're protruding more than usual. Can this even happen? Is it a symptom of something?


The question that you typed appears to be incomplete, and as such I don't know that I can accurately answer it. Reading between the lines I am assuming that you are saying that when you look in a mirror without your glasses on your eyes appear to be protruding more than usual and you are wondering if this is normal or a symptom of something. If this is actually your question, then I would recommend making an appointment to be evaluated by an ophthalmologist to be evaluated. They have the instrumentation to actually measure how far out your eyes protrude and compare them to normative values to tell you if the values are within the realm of "normal". And to answer the follow-up question, there are medical conditions that can cause protrusion of the globes of the eyes. This phenomenon is called exophthalmos. As far as what can cause it, it would be helpful to know if it is just one eye, or both. Infections can cause an abscess or cellulitis which can cause one eye to protrude. Trauma could also affect the position of the eye. Or for example if both eyes are protruding, a systemic problem such as Grave's disease may be present. Nonetheless I would start out by seeing an ophthalmologist. Best of luck.

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