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"Is there any way to make a scar go away?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any way to make a scar go away?


I have a scar on my face from a cut I got last year. I want the scar gone! Is there any way to make it fade away. Can I get plastic surgery or something?


First off all, scars do tend to fade over time. Although at first they can be quite bright pink and stand out from the skin, over months to years this tends to go away and the tend to fade into the surrounding skin. Therefore, one potential solution would be just to wait a bit longer to see if the scar continues to evolve and become less noticeable. If you are not interested in waiting, you will need to go see a dermatologist who specializes in cosmetic procedures. Based on the type of scar that you have, there are different procedures that can be used to smooth out the scar. If the scar is very deep, sometimes the scar tissue actually needs to be cut out. Other times, injections of steroids into the scar can decrease the bumpiness. Probably the most common treatments would include chemical peels and dermabrasion techniques, which remove the upper layers of the scar and the surrounding skin and stimulate the growth of new, smoother skin. In the meantime, make sure to protect the skin of your face, especially from sunlight, as this can make the scar appear worse. A good moisturizing and sunscreen regimen is essential.

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