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"Is the itchy spot on my arm ringworm?"

ZocdocAnswersIs the itchy spot on my arm ringworm?


24 year old male and I found a itchy patch of skin on my arm near my shoulder blade. Its red and kind of circular. Is it ringworm? What would ringworm look like? Does it itch?


Ringworm, as you know, is a fungal infection of the skin. It can cause itching and flaking of the skin for sure. Also, typically, ringworm causes a circular spot that is more prominent and bumpy around the edges of the circle, with relatively normal appearing skin in the middle of the circle. If this is what your spot looks like, this is likely ringworm as few other things look like this. However, if you have recently been camping or if you live in the Northeast or another area where Lyme disease is common, you need to make sure this is not Lyme disease. Your doctor can rule this out for you. Finally, another possibility is eczema. This is a condition in which the skin becomes dried out and flaky and itchy. You will need to see your primary care doctor to help you figure this out. It is important to have a firm diagnosis, because the treatment for the three conditions is completely different. For ringworm, you will need an anti fungal medication or cream. For eczema, you will need to moisturize the skin and use a topical steroid cream. And, for Lyme disease, you would need to take antibiotics.

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