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"What's causing my lower back pain?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's causing my lower back pain?


I have the same pain on both sides of my lower back, just above my bottom. It doesn't feel like its in the muscle or bone, but almost like its inside my body, like an organ or something. What could be causing this?


This most likely cause of this pain is a sprain or strain of the back. This pain can be very deep feeling, almost as if it were inside the body as you say. It commonly occurs after injuring the back by 'sleeping funny', lifting something heavy, vigorous exercise, etc. When this is happens, it sets off spasms in the muscles that run up and down both sides of the spine. Treatment of this kind of pain involves continuing to remain physically active as you are able, taking anti inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, and gentle stretching exercises. However if the pain is very severe or not improving after a few days, or if you notice that you have weakness or numbness and tingling in your legs, then you should go to see your primary care doctor to see if additional treatments are needed. Another common cause of back pain that might be confused with a back strain is a kidney infection or a kidney stone. However this pain is usually very severe, may be accompanied by fever, and would be unlikely to affect both sides of the back at the same time. However, your doctor will also be able to rule out this possibility for you.

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