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"Will this lump on my elbow go away on its own?"

ZocdocAnswersWill this lump on my elbow go away on its own?


I cut my elbow wrestling with one of my friends. The cut is healing okay, but there is a large lump around the bone. It isn't red and doesn't hurt, but it feels like its full of fluid. What is this? Will it go away on its own?


An elbow lump is an abnormal protrusion within the elbow joint or on the surface of the elbow. Elbow lump can happen to anyone, most often from a traumatic injury as in your case, which is a result of a sharp blow to the elbow during wrestling. After the injury, your elbow has become inflamed to cause a swelling that is filled with serous fluid. Treatment for elbow lump depends on its condition. Without the ability to examine your elbow lump, it is difficult to assess your condition. How long have you had your elbow lump? Do you have other symptoms? In general, no treatment may be necessary if your elbow lump causes you no discomfort. On the other hand, anti-inflammatory medications or steroids may help improve the condition in cases of inflammation. If left untreated, your elbow lump can also become infected that may lead to a complication. To be safe, it is good idea to seek prompt medical help from a primary care doctor or an orthopedist to have your elbow lump checked out as well as to rule out any serious medical condition causing the lump coincidentally occurred after your injury. I hope you find this information helpful. Good luck.

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