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"Why am I having trouble focusing my eyes?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I having trouble focusing my eyes?


Randomly I have trouble getting my eyes to focus. Its very disorienting and makes my head feel light. Why might this be happening?


Problems with your vision can often cause headaches and poor balance. Diseases affecting vision can arise from the eye, the part of the brain that interprets visual stimuli, or the nerve fibers that transfer information from the retina to the brain. There are a number of optical problems that can cause your focus to be off. For example, blurred vision at a distance but clear at near is called myopia (nearsightedness). This is the most common optical disorder where an affected individual might try to accommodate by squinting, getting close to the words, or complaining of blurred vision when far away from an object. On the other hand, a person with hyperopia or farsightedness experiences blurred vision when focusing on near object but clear when at a distance. Astigmatism occurs in patients who have difficulties with clarity at both near and distance. In addition, a binocular vision refers to a variety of conditions in which the eyes drift inward, outward, or upward. In such cases, it may result in a person experiencing double vision. He or she may notice losing their place on a page while reading, sensing that letters or words appear to move, the need to close or cover one eye, and discomfort associated with reading. Depending on your age and risk factors, you may need to get an eye exam by an optometrist and possibly a family doctor to make sure that you don't have other common conditions that affect vision such as diabetes, hypertension, and transient ischemic attacks. Good luck.

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