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"What causes pressure and pain in your lower abdomen?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes pressure and pain in your lower abdomen?


The pain is a dull pain and it hurts to use the muscles to go pee and hold my child


Lower abdominal pain has many possibilities depending on your past medical and surgical history, the pattern and quality of your pain, and associated symptoms. For a female pain in the pelvic area is concerning for a number of gynecological problems like ovarian cysts, tumor, and uterine fibroids. Someone who is older and has a history of childbirth may get discomfort from weaknesses in the pelvic floor muscles. Chronic inflammation or infections such as urinary tract infection, or chronic prostatitis in males, can cause pelvic pain. More common sources of pelvic pain may be due to external hemorrhoids, or anal fissures. If you've had surgeries in the abdomen or pelvis adhesions from these operations can also be a source of pain. Your pain appears to be pressure-like, as putting a child on your belly or bearing-down to urinate makes the pain worse. I recommend a visit with your primary care doctor. Your doctor would want to know if you pain is associated with food, menstrual period, back pain etc. You may need a pelvic ultrasound to better visualize the ovaries to ensure there is no enlarging cysts, or a CT scan of the abdomen/pelvis to rule out an intra-abdominal process. Your history, examination (which may include a gynecological exam if you haven't had it recently) will dictate additional work up. There are just too many possibilities that can cause you pain in the abdomen/pelvis. Some of them are benign while other conditions can be serious. Many have better success rate if treated in their early stages. A timely diagnosis is very important.

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