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"Should I extract all my lower teeth for one complete implant?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I extract all my lower teeth for one complete implant?


Or should I leave the good ones too? It's more economical to pull all teeth


Whether or not you should pull out all of your teeth to go with a full denture actually depends on your personal circumstances. Preserving as many of your natural teeth as possible is usually ideal, especially if you are still young and nowhere near your 60's. How many teeth do you need to have replaced? If you have only a few good teeth, it makes sense financially to pull them all out and go with a full denture. As you already know, dental implants are very costly, and most dental insurance programs don't cover them. Bridges are usually second in cost, followed by partial or full denture. My general advice is as follows. Implants are the best option if you have only 1 or 2 teeth missing. Bridges are recommended when no more than 2-3 teeth are missing. When you have more than 3 or 4 teeth missing, partial dentures are a good option. A full denture is good when almost all of your teeth are missing. Another consideration to take into account is your oral health. Implants, as well as bridges, may not work for you if you are a heavy smoker, so a full denture is your best option. I recommend a consultation with a dentist before starting any dental work. Your dentist can help you evaluate which is the best option for you. Good luck.

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