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"What are the odds I contracted Herpes?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the odds I contracted Herpes?


I had sexual intercourse with my ex girlfriend 2 days ago. She has Herpes type 2, but has not had an outbreak for quite some time. I wore a condom and showered about an hour after. I am now scared that I put myself at a significant risk. What are the odds that i may have contracted it?


Genital herpes is a viral infection by the herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) that is common among sexually active people. It is most easily transmitted by direct contact with a lesion or the body fluid of an infected person (through the mucous-covered lining of the mouth, vagina, or the genital skin). When inside, the virus travels down the nerve fibers near the spinal cord and resides there permanently. How long has your ex-girlfriend contracted genital herpes? Some people have not shown symptoms, though viral shedding may still occur. This sneaky virus can survive deep within the tissues and have an inapparent infection. Unlike herpes type 1 (oral herpes), there are atypical outbreaks in many women where the only symptom may be mild itching or minimal discomfort that they may be overlooked. Moreover, the longer your ex-girlfriend has had the virus, the fewer the symptoms she has with her outbreaks. Infected individuals can also transmit the virus to their sex partners in the absence of a recognize outbreak. So, protect yourself from this sneaky virus that is around somewhere and ready to infect. Condoms provide extremely good protection but they do so to an extent. Viruses are extremely tiny and may pass through the pores of some condoms occasionally. You should schedule a visit with a primary care doctor to get some laboratory tests done to rule out an infection with genital herpes. Good luck.

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