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"Is my facial tick the sign of something serious?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my facial tick the sign of something serious?


I seem to have developed a twitch in my eye, almost like a quick wink. I'm nervous that its something serious like tourrettes or something. Could something be wrong with my brain?


Eyelid twitching is called blepharospasm. It is a fairly common condition, and it is usually transient and not a sign of a serious underlying medical problem. Generally speaking, blepharospams is the result of eye fatigue. Trying to get more rest and avoid eye strain will usually result in quick resolution of the problem. Another cause of blepharospasms is high levels of caffeine intake, for example from drinking coffee or sodas. Eliminating or reducing your intake of these beverages can be helpful. Occasionally, causes other than fatigue or caffeine are responsible and may require treatment. Dry eyes, for example, are a reversible cause of blepharospam. You may develop dry eyes from exposure to the elements (wind, sun, etc) or from allergies that primarily affect the eyes. Also, trouble with contact lenses is another common cause of dry eyes. Your eye doctor can determine if this might be a cause in your cause and suggest rewetting drops or other medical treatments. In rare, severe cases, blepharospams can require more invasive or permanent treatment such as injections to relax the muscles that are causing the twitching. This is, however, uncommon and only pursued after simpler options have been exhausted. Talk to your primary care doctor or your eye doctor for more advice.

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