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"How many days after sex can you take the morning after pill?"

ZocdocAnswersHow many days after sex can you take the morning after pill?


I had to take it before and took it the very next day. But this time I waited three days. Will it still work? Am I going to get pregnant?


Actually, the morning after pill is effective if you take it up to 5 days after having sex. Therefore, you should be covered if you took it 3 days after having sex. Although it should work, the pill is not 100% effective, so you will still want to follow up with your primary doctor to make sure it worked and that you are not pregnant. This might also be a good time to set up a visit with your doctor to talk about more effective forms of birth control. Although the morning after pills is 80% effective, some types of birth control that you take to prevent pregnancy in the first place are, if used correctly, close to 100% effective. They also have less side effects and are, overall, less expensive not to mention less stressful. Your doctor will be able to talk with you at length about the different types of birth control methods that are available to you, such as pills, the patch, the ring, injections, implants, and intrauterine devices. Together you can decide which method makes the most sense for your lifestyle, and your doctor can then prescribe your desired method for you as well as provide followup for side effects and any problems or questions that arise.

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