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"Is it safe to put something that goes into an inhaler into your nose?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it safe to put something that goes into an inhaler into your nose?


My girlfriend has nose problems and stuff wrong with her sinuses. Her mom said she could put this drug that goes into an inhaler directly into her nose and it would help. Is this safe?


I would recommend that your girlfriend make an appointment to be seen by an otolaryngologist (aka ENT or Ears Nose Throat) physician. That is, if she hasn't been to one already. They will be able to examine her and take a thorough history, including likely using a rigid nasal endoscope to examine the openings to her sinuses to see what, if anything, is draining out, and if they are obstructed. What I presume that your girlfriends mom if referring to is topical irrigations with a steroid solution such as pulmicort which was designed for use as an inhaler for lung disease. There are many ENT's that use medications such as these for off label use in nasal irrigations. This would definitely have to be something that your girlfriend would need to discuss with her physician prior to starting. In general I would never recommend any person taking a medication that was not prescribed to them, as they may not be taking it accurately, at the correct dose, for the correct condition, and they aren't necessarily aware of the potential side effects that can occur which can be serious. That is my best guess as to what she was talking about. But like I said, she should see a doctor first. Best of luck.

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