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"Would a hernia cause problems with digestion?"

ZocdocAnswersWould a hernia cause problems with digestion?


I've had a lot of indigestion and gas lately, along with some pain in the right side of my abdomen. Is this a hernia? Could a hernia cause problems with digestion?


Hernias, as you may know, are defects in the muscles of the abdominal wall which all stomach contents, such as fat and intestines, to bulge through. Hernias are most commonly found in the groin, and symptoms would include a bulge on one side of the groin or a dragging pain with standing or heavy lifting. Hernias can cause symptoms of abdominal pain. These symptoms tend to be worse with lifting or with exercise, but they may also be associated with food and other activities. The most dangerous complication of a hernia is something called incarceration, where the bulge of intestines becomes trapped by the abdominal muscles, resulting in cutting off of blood flow. This typically causes severe, sudden onset abdominal pain, and it is a major emergency which requires immediate medical evaluation and treatment. There are many other causes of intermittent indigestion, gas, and abdominal pain like you are experiencing. If you don't have a typical bulge that looks like a hernia, I think it is much more likely that your symptoms are from a different condition. I suggest that you make an appointment to discuss your symptoms with your primary care doctor; they will be able to help you figure out where the symptoms are coming from.

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