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"Do you need to go to the eye doctor if you have perfect vision?"

ZocdocAnswersDo you need to go to the eye doctor if you have perfect vision?


Never had a reason to see the eye doctor because my vision is 20/20. I'm 42 now, should I see an eye doctor for other reasons? Are there illnesses only an eye doctor could find?


The short answer to your question is, yes! You should absolutely go to see an eye doctor at your age. As you point out, early in life the primary role of the eye doctor is to work on problems associated with not seeing so well and needing contacts or glasses. However, as we age, the chances that we could develop some other disease of the eyes that needs to be detected go up. For example, glaucoma is a serious cause of blindness that occurs when the pressure in the inner chamber of the eye because gradually to high. Your eye doctor will check for glaucoma. Furthermore, if you have any other medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, these could have effects on your eye health or your vision, and your eye doctor will be able to look for them. Generally speaking, people your age should probably have an eye exam about once a year. This exam will include checking on your visual acuity (which can also decline with aging) as well as looking for other eye disease. Your doctor may also want to dilate your eyes from time to time to get a better look at your retinas; ask about this when you set up your appointment.

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