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Why doesn't the hair grow on my legs anymore?

29 year old male. Noticed that the hair around my ankles doesn't grow anymore. Is something wrong with my skin? Is this a normal thing or should I be worried?
If the hair loss you are experiencing is just around your ankles, then I would not worry too much. Sometimes, hormonal changes can cause changes in hair distribution. However, these are usually more diffuse, causing changes in the beard pattern, pubic hair, hair on the head, etc. If you just have loss of hair around the ankles, it is much more likely that you simply have mechanical hair loss (breaking of the hair shafts from rubbing against socks or shoes). Nevertheless, if you have noticed more general changes in your hair or skin, then this could be a sign of a hormonal imbalance and you should get it checked out immediately by your doctor. Also, you should take a good look at the skin where you have lost the hair. This is because certain skin infections, such as fungal infections, could cause hair loss, and these may manifest as dry, flaking, or itching skin. Similarly, eczema, which is an condition in which the skin is sensitive and excessively dry, may lead to hair loss. It would be unusual for either of these condition to present just around the ankles, but definitely if you notice any red patches or flaking, this increases the probability. Please talk to your primary care doctor for more information about this issue!
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