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"Could my former drug use affect my unborn child?"

ZocdocAnswersCould my former drug use affect my unborn child?


Haven't done drugs in years, but I did when I was younger. I'm 3 months pregnant and scared for my baby. Could my drug use affect my child in any way? Could it cause autism or some other sort of problem?


First of all, I have to congratulate you on successfully quitting your drug abuse habit! This was a major accomplishment in your life, one which will help to improve your health substantially in the coming years! The good news is that, although there are many drugs that can affect the health of the baby as it is developing inside of you, this can only happen if you are actively using these drugs! Since you have been clean for a long time, there should be no risk to your unborn baby. Of course, you still need to observe the usual precautions during pregnancy that any expectant mother would need to observe. These include eating healthy, nourishing meals, taking a prenatal vitamin, and strictly avoiding all alcohol and tobacco, as well as any medications without clearance from your OB GYN doctor. Also, you should continue to have regular prenatal care, including check ups, blood work, and ultrasounds as recommended by our OB GYN doctor. However, your risks of having a problem with your baby will not be any higher than any other pregnant woman. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and I hope that the pregnancy is uneventful and that your baby is born healthy and well!

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