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"Could stopping my soda habit have made me lose weight suddenly?"

ZocdocAnswersCould stopping my soda habit have made me lose weight suddenly?


I just stopped drinking soda after drinking like three or four every day for years. I've dropped weight suddenly (weight myself every day). Did quitting soda cause this or is something wrong with me?


It is definitely possible that stopping your soda intake helped you lose weight. However, you should still follow up with your primary care physician to ensure there are no other causes for your weight loss. Regular soda has a significant amount of calories from sugar in each can and drinking three or four cans a day adds up to a large amount of extra calories in addition to food consumed. Actually, one of the first tips for weight loss is to cut out unnecessary liquid calories. This refers to calories in sodas, sports drinks, juices, and other beverages. These are often very easy calories to take out of your diet and can make a significant difference in weight loss. It is great that you stopped drinking soda, not just for the decrease in calories but for other health benefits. It is very possible that your weight loss could be from this decrease in liquid calories. However, you should see your primary care physician to discuss your overall health to ensure there are no other red flags or worrisome symptoms. In preparation for your doctor's visit, pay attention to any other symptoms you may have such as fever, night sweats, cough, headache, rash, and vomiting.

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