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"Is the risk of a bursa sac a good reason to put off my knee surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersIs the risk of a bursa sac a good reason to put off my knee surgery?


I'm supposed to have an operation to repair a small tear in my knee ligament, but the doctor said there are risks. One is a bursa sac. He said its like an infection. Does this happen with most knee surgeries? I'm very worried about complications because I can't miss very much time at work.


A decision to undergo a knee surgery obviously depends upon your thorough evaluation of the expected benefits of your surgery outcome and its potential risks. Knee conditions are not life or death situations; however, they can affect your functioning by causing you chronic pain and discomfort. While there can be no guarantee of success, benefits can include pain relief and return of normal use of your knee. Therefore, whether your surgery is reasonable or not, you need to make your own decision based on the information provided by your surgeon. Having said all of this, the list of complications is actually longer than that which can practically provided by your doctor. Fortunately, complications are usually rare and benign. The most serious complication is infection of the knee-joint (specifically that of a bursa sac), which occurs in less than 2% of patients. However, a course of antibiotics (or draining of fluids from your knee) will often lead to a cure. Thus, infection complications usually have short duration and resolve eventually. Of course, your age plays a role as well as your overall general health. I hope you find the information helpful. I suggest that you have a consultation with your orthopedic surgeon and voice your concerns. Your doctor can provide you more information to help you decide. Good luck.

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