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"Why am I experiencing soreness in my tailbone?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I experiencing soreness in my tailbone?


My tailbone is very sore and sensitive. I don't remember falling on it or bumping it. Is there a reason it would just start hurting like this? Could it be my chair at work? I sit around like 10 hours a day.


Pain, soreness, increased sensitivity, and any vague discomfort can all be caused by many reasons. Most of us have learned what is normal for our bodies (the general aches and pains of life that we come to live with and don't necessarily need to see a doctor for), but there are occasionally ailments and soreness that needs to be seen by a physician. In general, any pain that increases suddenly, is accompanied by a fever, redness, pus, or causes you to be unable to do something that you used to be able to do (such as a movement or any normal body function) should be seen by a doctor. Your specific case provides another nuance, in that your tailbone is a very difficult part of your body for you to examine closely. Depending on your comfort level, a partner or someone to whom you are close may be able to tell you if there is anything different about the area (such as redness or pus). If there is, you should be seen by a doctor immediately, as there can occasionally be infections in this part of your body that can spread quickly and need to be addressed in a timely fashion. Even if there is not redness or swelling, please speak to your doctor so that you can get more information about your problem and start feeling better.

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