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"Is this bump cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersIs this bump cancer?


I was in the shower and somehow felt the area between my penis and my anus. There is a strange lump in there. Is this normal? Is it just a lymph node or something or could it be testicular cancer down that far?


Whenever you have a question about a new lump or bump, you should be seen by your doctor. This is especially true if it persists for any period of time or if it is painful or growing. The area that you are describing is more difficult to manage as a patient because it is so difficult to see. For that reason as well, you should make an appointment with your doctor. Your primary care doctor is often an excellent place to start, as he or she will be able to provide excellent information, a review of your past recent health, and a physical examination in the context of your overall health. Ideally, he or she would be someone that you know well and have followed up with for some time. This doctor will then be able to refer you, as needed, to the appropriate specialist for further care, or just follow up to make sure that the bump goes away. Sometimes, a bump needs to be biopsied and the tissue analyzed with special stains under a microscope, which would require the help of a surgeon or other specialist. Please speak with your doctor soon about your concerns.

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