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"Does your sleeping position have anything to do with your overall health?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes your sleeping position have anything to do with your overall health?


I sleep with my bf and he is a tosser and turner. I always end up sleeping awkwardly. Lately, I just have felt crummy, like I have the flu without stomach issues or anything. Could the position I sleep in be making me feel so weird?


You know that uncomfortable sleeping position contributing to your unrestful sleep can have an effect on your emotion. When it robs you of good sleep, you are more likely to be grumpy the next day. While studies on the impact of sleep positions on physical health are limited, there are definitely health benefits of a good sleep position that helps you to have a restful sleep. For instance, lying on your back, with your head slightly elevated, is thought to give the brain optimal blood circulation and also allows for more unobstructed breathing. On the other hand, sleeping on your stomach compresses your internal organs as well as your spine and head. Many chronic stomach-sleepers have neck and lower back pain as a result. Having said all of this, your "awkward" sleeping may have some effect on your overall health. When a poor sleep position affects the quality of your sleep, you may end up not getting enough sleep on regular basis leading to a gradual deterioration of your body function, especially the immune system. A weakened immune system may not sufficiently fight off pathogens and thus you become sick more frequently. If you have more concerns, I would recommend a consultation with a primary care physician for more information.

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