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"Why can't I get my body odor under control?"


I've tried every kind of deodorant but can't get my body odor to go away. I don't even sweat that much. I'm a 22 year old male and it is embarassing! Is something wrong with my glands or my hormones? Why is this happening?


Bad body odor, which is known medically as bromhydrosis, is a persistent problem for some individuals. There are a few identifiable causes of bad body odor which you might be able to treat. First of all, most body odor is caused by bacteria which live on the skin and feed on the sweat and oil secretions produced by the skin.

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It is actually the waste products produced by these bacteria when they are feeding that are the primary cause of body odor. In order to cut down on body odor, it may be necessary to cut down on the number of bacteria living on your skin! You may be able to do this by bathing or showering every day with a strong antibacterial soap. Another potential cause of body odor is the ingestion of certain strong foods. For example, garlic and curries may change the way sweat smells, leading to an unpleasant body odor. Finally, rarely serious medical conditions may be the cause of a bad body odor. For example, liver problems can lead to both a bad odor to sweat and also to the breath. If antibacterial soap does not fix the problem, I would suggest getting in to see your primary doctor or a dermatologist for further advice.

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