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"If you pull or strain a muscle does this mean it is easier to suffer the same injury in the future?"

ZocdocAnswersIf you pull or strain a muscle does this mean it is easier to suffer the same injury in the future?


I pulled my groin and after months of discomfort I finally feel better. Since I pulled it once, will my groin be weaker and more likely to be pulled again in the future?


Usually a one-time groin injury will heal completely without any risk for suffering the same injury in the future. The major caveat here is that if you resume physical activity too early without giving the strain sufficient time to heal completely (which can sometimes take months) then you do run the risk of reinjury. A second groin strain would increase your risk of subsequent injuries, because after two injuries, the ligaments and connective tissues are typically permanently weakened. It is always important to think a little about how you suffered the groin injury. For example was it a sports injury, was it from lifting heavy weights, etc. Based on the mechanism of injury, you might want to think about modifying your daily activities or your exercise regimen to include less vigorous or less dangerous activities which have a lower risk of injury. I am glad you are feeling better but, before you resume vigorous physical activity again, I recommend that you go see your primary care doctor or your sports medicine doctor. They can perform a quick exam of the area and verify that you have, in fact, returned to normal and that it is now safe to resume exercise.

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