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"Is it normal for one side of your ribcage to be larger than the other?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it normal for one side of your ribcage to be larger than the other?


I was laying on my back and feeling my ribs and noticed that the right side is larger than the right side. Is this normal or is my back misaligned?


This is a pretty difficult thing to assess for yourself accurately. It is possible to have minor differences in the size of the ribs on the two sides, but it also may just be that you are being overly sensitive to small differences in contour. Your primary care doctor will be able to take a look at your rib cage and help you decide whether this is a real difference or not. Noticeable differences in the size of ribs can be caused by problems such as scoliosis, which is a condition in which the spine is bent to one side or the other. Minor cases of scoliosis may be rarely missed in childhood and may come out a bit more in teenagers or young adults. Therefore, it is possible although still unlikely that you are picking up on this. When you go to see your primary care doctor, I would mention whether you have any back pain, weakness, or stiffness. Also mention whether or not you have had any back injuries or injuries to the rib cage, including broken ribs in the past. Answers to these questions will help your doctor figure out whether or not there is something going. on.

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