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"Why do my muscles cramp so much?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do my muscles cramp so much?


I get muscle cramps in my legs, feet, and toes very frequently. Happens when sitting or laying down especially. Why does this happen so often? Should I be worried that I have a muscle disease?


There are many things that can cause muscle cramping, and muscle diseases are very rare. There is much that needs to be understood from your story, however, in order to correctly explain your symptoms. Most people will have some muscle cramps when they remain in the same position for too long. This will usually be because the cells in that area are not getting either enough oxygen or enough nutrients. This causes them to be unable to function normally, which can result in a cramp. The fact that you have so many cramps could suggest that you may not be eating an adequate and well rounded diet. It could also suggest that you may have some other metabolic or electrolyte abnormalities, which could be quickly reviewed with your primary care doctor. It could, alternatively, mean that you are having difficulty getting enough blood to that part of your body, i.e., your lower extremities. You may have some pain or cramps with walking, which could be a symptom of this sort of problem. Speaking with your doctor is the appropriate next step to make sure that there is nothing serious going on. Please speak to your doctor.

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