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"Is having hair waxed off bad for your skin?"

ZocdocAnswersIs having hair waxed off bad for your skin?


I get my legs waxed every once in a while. Is this bad for your skin over the long term? How often would it be okay for me to have it done?


For many people, waxing is a very satisfactory hair removal solution. It completely removes the hair follicle from the skin, meaning that the skin is often smoother than with shaving, and the results last longer than shaving. How often you have to repeat the waxing depends entirely on how fast your hair grows back, which is highly individualized. Most people will repeat the waxing somewhere between every 2 and every 4 weeks for best cosmetic results. For most people, waxing is safe and doesn't have any serious side effects. It is more uncomfortable than shaving, and the skin can be a bit pink and sensitive immediately after the procedure, but that is usually it. Some people, however, are more sensitive to the procedure. If you find that your skin is very uncomfortable after waxing, then this might be a sign that the procedure is not right for you. Also there is a risk of usually minor skin infections with waxing. In particular, folliculitis is a condition in which bacteria get into the newly exposed hair follicle openings, which can lead to red painful bumps. If you have these, they can usually be treated with good skin hygiene, however if they persist or worsen you will need to see your primary care doctor.

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