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"Why do I sneeze so much in the morning?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I sneeze so much in the morning?


Every morning when I wake up, I sneeze like 10 - 15 times! I'm 22 year old male and don't really have allergies or anything. Why would I only sneeze in the morning? Should I talk to a doc?


I would recommend that you speak to your primary care physician. This sounds like allergies, even though you don't have other allergies. This can be treated as well as avoided with general hygiene precautions. Talk to your doctor for more information. Many of us have allergies. Beyond food allergies and drug allergies, people can be allergic to the environmental substances. For example, many people are allergic to pollen or grass seeds or other substances. When these allergens are encountered by the nasal mucosa (the inside of the skin) -- the body attempts to clear it and causes inflammation and blood flow to the area. This results in the blocked noses and irritation that causes sneezing. So why do you have it in the morning? This is likely because you are allergic to something on your bed or pillow. For example, dust mites on an old pillow can cause allergies to severely flare. This makes your symptoms bad in the morning, but improve throughout the day. Changing the pillow (not just the cover) can help. Also there are medicines that can work -- talk to your doctor for more information. Keep in mind some people also have the AC or heater on at night -- and it might be something in the filter you are allergic to. Again, please talk to your doctor.

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