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"Is the pain in my testicle cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersIs the pain in my testicle cancer?


In my left testicle I have like an achy pain all the time. Is it cancer? Its still the same size as the right one and I'm only 23.


Testicular cancer is definitely something to worry be concerned with in someone your age, and you are right to think of it. However, you have already done the important thing, which is to examine your testicles closely. Testicular cancer usually causes a difference in size of the testicles, and there is usually a mass or bump in the affected testicle that can be felt if you examine carefully. Nevertheless, I think it is worth getting this checked out by your doctor. Any pain in the testicle that goes on for a long period of time should be checked out. Causes of testicle pain, in addition to cancer, could include many other more benign things, such as an infection of the tube leading from the testicle into the urinary system, called epididymitis. Sometimes frequent sex or masturbation can also cause pain in the testicle. Enlargement of the veins that surround the testicle, called a varicocele, can also cause pain. Finally, a hernia, which is a bulging of the intestines downward into the scrotum, can also cause this kind of pain. Your primary care doctor will be able to perform a thorough examination and help you determine whether there is something here that needs to be treated.

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