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"Is there any way to cure diabetes?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any way to cure diabetes?


If you get diabetes, do you have it for the rest of your life or can you cure it some how? I'm overweight and starting to get scared that I might get it.


The type of diabetes that you are talking about, called type 2 diabetes, has a strong genetic component. This means that if you have people in your family who also have diabetes, you are at much higher risk of developing it yourself. That being said, genetics alone are not enough to end up with diabetes. Lifestyle is also very important, and it is the combination of genetics and lifestyle that bring the disease out. Fortunately, lifestyle is something you can control if you work hard. Being overweight is definitely the main contributor to developing diabetes down the road. Being overweight changes the way your body processes sugar, and this eventually can lead to diabetes. Reducing your weight, together with regular, daily exercise, and eating a healthy, balanced diet can all help you reduce your risk of developing diabetes. I suggest that you start by going to see your primary care doctor. First, they can test you for diabetes using simple blood tests. Second, they can make recommendations to you about how to begin dieting and exercising. They may also want to refer you to a professional nutritionist, who can help you restructure your meal plans in the most healthy way possible.

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