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"What does asthma feel like?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does asthma feel like?


Last month or so I've been getting chest congestion all of the sudden. Kind of wheezy, but more like there's flem in there. I'm 27 and never had this trouble before. Is it asthma? What's asthma feel like?


It would be pretty unusual for asthma to develop suddenly at 27 years of age, as it usually starts in childhood. It is possible, however, especially if you have a history of allergies, or if you have recently been in a new environment where you are exposed to mold, dust, smoke, or chemical fumes. If you have asthma, symptoms might include a dry cough, discomfort or tightness in the chest when you exercise or breath deeply, and a wheezing noise with breathing in. If you have these symptoms, you should get checked out by your doctor immediately, as asthma can become quite serious if left untreated. Other potential causes of your symptoms would include bronchitis or a mild pneumonia, which can both cause cough and chest congestion. You doctor will be able to rule these out by taking a listen to your lungs as well. Finally, allergies in the nose (called allergic rhinitis) or sinus congestion may also cause these symptoms, primarily by causing a chronic dripping of mucus down the back of the throat, which provokes a sensation of congestion and a frequent cough. Start by getting in to see your primary care doctor, who can diagnose your condition.

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